The Consulting Company AMBIENTE e SICUREZZA managed by Dr. Roberto Mastracci provides Consulting and Training Services in a wide range of issues and fields to companies, organizations and institutions, courts and prosecutors' offices. Below you will find a list of the most common services provided with qualified personnel and expertise gained through years of experience mainly in the fields of environmental protection and safety at work.

All waste substances and objects resulting from various human activities. They are a potential source of pollution and, therefore, are harmful to humans and the environment. Sometimes they are also a source of profit and energy.
Our services:
- Practices for the registration to the Association of Environmental Operators (transport and brokering activities)
- Communication practices of hazardous and non-hazardous waste recovery
- Practices for requesting the authorizations for Waste Storage, Recovery and Disposal
- Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
- Consulting for Remediation, asbestos disposal and transportation
- Waste analysis and classification
- Technical assistance for the implementation of SISTRI (Sistema di Controllo della Tracciabilita' dei Rifiuti - Italian Waste Tracking System)
- Consulting for the transportation of hazardous materials by road (ADR)
- Assistance for waste classification and disposal according to current legislation
- Preparation of the Annual Waste Report
- PCB notifications, analysis and disposal
- Holding the position of Technical Responsible for the registration to the Association of Environmental Operators
- Assessment of environmental compliance
- Environmental audits
- Training courses on the proper Waste Document Management
- Asbestos risk monitoring and censuses

Method of cleaning a territory that has levels of contamination of soil, subsoil and surface water and/or groundwater from different substances. This may cause short and long-term hazards to humans and the environment.
Our services:
- Characterization plans of contaminated sites
- Sampling, analysis and monitoring for the characterization
- Environmental risk studies and analysis
- Simulation studies of pollutants transportation
- Design of safety and remediation measures
- Design of environmental restoration and requalification measures
- Design, construction and management of plants for groundwater remediation
- Design, construction and management of phytodepuration plants
- Sampling and analysis of materials in specialized laboratories for the identification of asbestosis components
- Remediation measures with a qualified personnel
- Restoration measures with substitute materials
- Asbestos risk analysis

Noise pollution is caused by excessive exposure to high sounds and noises. Noise in both indoor and outdoor environments (caused by multiple sources such as factories, construction sites, roads, etc.) can be hazardous to humans and ecosystems.
Our services:
- Determination of buildings acoustic requirements
- Verification of sound pressure levels in the workplace
- Instrumental measurement in the external environment and residential areas
- Industrial and civil projects of noise remediation
- Design and construction of sound-absorbing barriers

Water is one of the main constituents of ecosystems and is the basis of all known forms of life, including humans. The origin of life is due to the presence of water on our planet. It is, therefore, a resource that must be protected from any form of inadequate use and possible pollution.
Our services:
- Practices for obtaining the authorization for wastewater discharge
- Chemical and bacteriological analysis of civil and industrial wastewater
- Chemical analysis of process water
- Chemical analysis of water intended for human consumption through accredited laboratories
- Assistance to the management of wastewater treatment plants
- Design of first rain water treatment plants

The emission of hazardous solid, liquid or gaseous substances introduced into the atmosphere may cause pollution, representing a danger for humans as well as for public and private goods.
Our services:
- Practices to obtain the authorizations for air emissions
- Design and management of plants for flue-gas elimination
- Sampling and chemical-physical analysis, thanks to accredited laboratories, in compliance with current legislation

Safety at Work is a very important issue due to the high incidence of accidents, occupational diseases and deaths of workers.
Our services:
- On-site inspections and preparation of the Risk Assessment Document
- Preparation of the Chemical and Carcinogenic Risk Assessment Document
- Instrumental measurements of hand-arm and whole body vibrations, preparation of the Risk Assessment Document
- Noise instrumental measurements and preparation of the Risk Assessment Document
- Instrumental measurements of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and preparation of the Risk Assessment Document
- Protocols of risks in case of entrustment of works to outside firms
- Environmental investigations, Risk Assessment and Control Systems of Legionella pneumophila
- Holding the position of Responsible for the Prevention and Protection Services (RSSP - ASPP)
- Holding the position of Safety Coordinator during Design and Implementation of works (CSP- CSE)
- Consulting on the adoption and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
- Training courses for workers and/or managers
- Preparation of preliminary notifications and Safety and Coordination Plan (SCP)
- Preparation of Safety Operational Plan (SOP)
- Preparation of the Plan for Assembling, Use and Disassembling of Scaffolding
- Preparation of Safety Management Plans in sports areas and places of public entertainment
- Work-related stress assessment
- Safety on construction sites

Fire is one of the risks that must not be underestimated in the workplace. It is essential to take preventive measures in order to reduce any chance of damage to property and people.
Our services:
- Preparation of the Fire Risk Assessment
- Design of fire prevention systems
- Practices for obtaining the Fire Prevention Certificate (FPC)
- Preparation of emergency and evacuation Plans
- Fire prevention register
- Training for corporate fire-fighting teams

The purpose of training is to provide companies and technical personnel with the necessary knowledge in order to identify and reduce the risks associated with specific activities.
Our services:
- Training activities at all levels of the company, with participation of highly-qualified personnel in the environmental and safety sector; on request, the company relies on the participation of teachers from the public sector and universities
- Periodic debates in seminars and conferences, with public and private companies, independent professionals, students, etc.; we rely on the participation of nationally renowned speakers with regard to the latest developments and news in the fields of environment and safety

Over the last three years there has been a significant increase in public attention and sensitivity on the issue of sustainable development. As a consequence, pressures on the industrial sector to adopt more environmentally friendly technologies and working methods have increased.
Our services:
- ISO 22000
International standard on the food supply chain safety

- ISO 14000
A series of international standards which allow companies to improve the environmental management of their activities, products and services

Instrument which allows companies to assess and improve their environmental performance and provides customers with information on their environmental management

- OHSAS 18001
Model for the health and safety certification of workers, aimed at identifying the hazards and assess the risks not only for workers but also for all potentially affected people

Every type of processing in the food industry may present a risk of food contamination, causing harmful effects on human health. The food hygiene and safety of food products is a fundamental prerequisite for the protection of consumers from food-borne illnesses.
Our services:
- Realization of self-control systems for the preparation of procedures
- Preparation of the operating instructions in compliance with the HACCP principles
- Analysis of food and drinks thanks to accredited laboratories
- Training of personnel on food hygiene
- Elaboration of guides of good hygiene practices with risk analysis and management of critical points (CCPs)

Our services:
- Environmental Impact Study
- Incidence Study
- Verification of subjection to EIA
- Diffusion study for the evaluation of emissions relapse into the atmosphere
- Study of the flora and fauna
- Landscape reports

Our services:
- Integrated Environmental Authorization (IEA)
- Authorizations for the operation of waste treatment plants
- Air emissions
- Waste water discharges (surface water, municipal sewer)
- Water supply (well pumping, uptake by natural waterways, public supply)
- Authorizations for waste transport

Our services:
- Safety studies
- Notification and information sheets in accordance with the current legislation
- Internal emergency plans
- Safety management system
- Technical report of Major Accident Risks (MAR)

Our services:
- Design and implementation of ecological islands
- Raising people awareness of recycling through training and information campaigns
- Legal-technical assistance on environmental issues
- Monitoring and assessment of electromagnetic pollution
- Activation of emergency plans for natural disasters and activities subject to major accidents
- Monitoring of landfills and contaminated sites
- Surveys and product analysis of municipal waste
- Biological monitoring (BEI - Biological Extended Index and IRF - Index of River Functionality)
- Study of the different types of waste to be sent for recycling (paper, plastic, glass, clothing, vegetable oil, appliances, batteries, neon lamps)

Services provided to courts and prosecutors' offices:
- Preliminary investigations and technical-legal appraisals
- On-site instrumental measurements
- OTC Official Technical Consultant
Services provided to companies:
- Technical-legal assistance following administrative and criminal complaints
- Interfacing with control bodies during inspections
- Technical appraisals
- PTC Party Technical Consultant